Caregivers Rise Podcast: Interviews of Public Figures Concerning Caregiving

Caregivers rise each day to deal with critical challenges.  Join our interviews with public figures for information and inspiration.

I’ll rise up
High like the waves
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache

Andra Day is an amazing singer, songwriter and actor receiving Academy,  Emmy and Grammy Award nominations and winning Golden Globe and B.E.T. Awards for Best Actress. Yet do you know her inspirational story behind “Rise Up”?
Andra Day told Time why she wrote the song “Rise Up”: “My music and my personal life were both stagnating at the time, and a friend of mine had been diagnosed with cancer. “Rise Up” started as a sort of prayer.” Day found the determination to overcome life’s exhausting, repetitive and sometimes seemingly overwhelming challenges through writing “Rise Up.” She told WBLS, “If you can stand up, you can take the next  step, and if you can take the next step, you can take the one after that.”